Sushi & Spritz Menu at Cocochan

sushi, salad and spritz menu

Spring dining has arrived at Cocochan in the form a very delicious and exciting new menu; Sushi & Spritz.

With warmer weather in London, the special menu has bright and bold colours and flavours that are perfect for enjoying on the terrace.

For the sushi there’s delicious Taikochan Ura Maki, with yellowtail, avocado, king prawn tempura and pink mayo, a refreshing Seabass Sashimi that’s served with orange and lime juice, chilli and onion and Crazy Salmon which is a crispy salmon tempura roll with avocado, soy and mirin.

For the salad there’s an indulgent but healthy grilled avocado salad with confit tomatoes, miso dressing, Papaya Salad with watermelon raddish, sugar snap, mango and grilled butterfly prawns and a Chicken Noodle Salad with udon, scallions and a sesame dressing.

Last but not least, the spritz. A Seasonal Fizz of gun, aperol, creme de cassis, lemon sherbert topped with prosecco or a traditional Sake Smash with yuzu, sake, ginger and shisho topped with prosecco.