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With the arrival of Bone Daddies at St Christopher's Place , we spoke to the man behind the renowned ramen bar, Ross Shonhan.

Why did you decide to launch the latest Bone Daddies at St Christopher's Place? 

Ross: We think it is a exciting part of London that we identified years ago as an area we would like to be.

Your restaurants are known for being individual and unique, how will the dining experience at St Christopher's Place differ from your other locations?

Ross: We have an open kitchen on the ground floor and have included a Robata Grill and a wok burner here to do a number of unique dishes to this site. This is also the first time we are working with Design firm B3 to come create a unique space with us.

For those who aren’t familiar with the Bone Daddies concept, how would you describe the dining experience?

Ross: A unique London style Ramen bar that challenges peoples perceptions of Japan but is also influenced by my experiences whilst travelling the country.  Everything we do is thought out and for a reason.

When did your love affair for Japanese food begin?

Ross: I think when I was 17 and tried Japanese food for the first time; in Australia all Asian foods are part of our food culture.

Why do you think Ramen has become so popular in recent years?

Ross: It is real food that is a complete meal in a bowl and it suits the climate very well also Japanese food continues to be fast growing part of the UK dining scene.

What is the secret behind your famous broth?

Ross: Real British ingredients boiled for hours with no short cuts taken.

What are your favourite restaurants in London’s West End?

Ross: I like Ba Shu and Engawa a lot.

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