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When life gives you lemons, a visit to Harry's Bar in St Christopher's Place is in order. Dine from their limited edition menu on the colourful, citrus terrace.

In celebration of the traditional Italian festival, Festa dei Limoni, Harry's Bar are serving a selection of citrus cocktails and fragrant specials. Perfect dishes for the spring and summer months.

Floral garlands and fragrant Amalfi lemons also adorn the infamous bench on Harry's Bar terrace. Capture your own picture-perfect moment and share it on social media for a chance to win a meal for two. (Don't forget to use #HarrysBarBench).

Once lemon trees begin to flower in May and throughout their harvest until October, regions all over the world hold exotic festivities to celebrate their special varieties. In Italy, the Sfusato d'Amalfi is prized. Crossed with bitter local oranges, it is double the size of a regular fruit. Another is the Limone di Sorrento, which is often used to produce lemon liqueurs.

But, there's no need to get your passport out to experience their distinguished flavours because you can take a trip just off Oxford Street to St Christopher's Place instead. Book to dine at Harry's Bar between Monday 13th May and Sunday 2nd June to indulge for yourself.

We all love to examine the menu online before deciding what to sample, so here you go...

Asparagus, Burrata & Amalfi Lemon Pizza - White base pizza, creamy burrata, raw asparagus salad, fresh Amalfi lemon & basil.

White Crab Meat & Amalfi Lemon Risotto - Creamy carnaroli risotto, served with a salad of white crab meat, baby courgettes & Amalfi lemon, topped with baby basil and Harry’s olive oil.

Baba Al Limoncello - Warm sponge cake soaked in limoncello, served with lemon curd, confit lemon and Chantilly cream.

Amalfi Sundae - Lemon sorbet, candied lemon, whipped cream, milk gelato, meringue, lemon sauce and sugared rosemary.

Italia 60 - O’ndina Italian gin with Limoncello and fresh basil topped with Prosecco.

Limoncello Drop - Ketel One Citreon with Limoncello, Grand Marnier, topped with fresh lemon juice and mint.


Contact Harry's Bar on 020 3971 9444 or visit to book.

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