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Carolina Wong

Hong Kong born, London based world citizen, Carolina Wong designs sculptural ‘wearable art’ jewellery with natural elegance. Meticulously handcrafted in London. Wong’s unconventional interpretation of jewellery strongly reflects her textile roots, from the granny craft crochet Buoyant20 to the mechanical construction of the Motion Series. Most of the production process is handmade due to the complexity and sophistication of the crafts. This ensures environmental sustainability whilst empowering artisans and ensuring fair wages to sustain their skills.


Who are the women in your life that have inspired you?

I was lucky enough to have been surrounded by a lot of women who were interested in fashion and work in the fashion industry. I was growing up in Hong Kong, and back in the nineties, early 2000’s, it was the epicentre of Asian influence on fashion design.

One particular aunt of mine was a buyer of JOYCE, I remember every Friday after school, I was so excited to see whatever she brought back from Japan, when she arrived home in Hong Kong.  It was always fascinating  for me as seeing so many different pieces, designs, and the craftmanship

So guess she really inspired me as an entrepreneur and how to understand design.

How and when did you know you wanted to be a designer?

I remember when I first started designing clothes it was actually from a very early age. I  was given my first Barbie doll as a gift, because I got a very good grades from school.

And my aunt had just put out some of her old clothes and then given to me and said ‘here are some old clothes you can do whatever you want with them’

I started designing outfits for my Barbie. So that was the very first time I realized I wanted to make and design things.

So you actually had a whole collection for your own Barbie?

Exactly. From my scrap of old clothes. Whatever I wanted to do, I don't think I even knew how to sew at the time. I just liked sewing stitches. I've no frets and wrap it around the Barbies, and that's pretty much it.

I was always encouraged to make things from scratch rather than to buy things.

Who is your favourite designer? And what inspires you when you design?

Issey Miyake was one of my favourite designers growing up.  He was able to use basic materials and through his techniques, he created collections that were so unique . This design philosophy has inspired me through my own designing journey. I like to experiment with raw materials and then turn them into something beautiful and sophisticated.

Tell me about tell me a bit about your ethos and how you choose your materials?

My ethos is very much rooted in sustainability.  I source my materials globally, and I love them being imperfect. That's what inspires me when I create my jewellery because each piece is individua and beautiful. There will never be the same pearl that you see on my designs.

We source our materials globally and then we'll bring them back to our London studio, we use upcycle gold, sterling silver and brass to make all the classic pieces that you can see in our store today.

Tell us about your boutique and studio at St Christopher’s Place

I love St Christopher’s Place; it is truly a hidden gem in West End of London.  That’s the reason why I chose this location as my first boutique

I have created a very approachable environment in my boutique, where a customer can try on and understand the process and the story behind each of the pieces that I have created.

I enjoy showing my customers how they can use my pieces to elevate their outfits or how to use my pieces to accessorize for any occasion. When they wear my pieces, they are one of a kind, each piece is totally unique and I want my customers to feel the same way, feel confident and unique.

Could you talk us through the inspiration behind your collections.

The first collection that I created is called Bolla. I created this collection in my spare bedroom during lockdown, post-baby. I remember my daughter was only nine months old at the time. So, for me, creating that collection is almost like therapy. The spare bedroom became almost like my sanctuary, spending hours crocheting pieces. Since then, I developed my Buoyant20 collection. I crocheted many different pieces such as earrings, brooches, necklaces etc. So since this was my first collection, it has become kind of the most iconic pieces from my work.

Then second collection is called the Motion Series. It’s a very versatile collection. Basically, you have one necklace, but you can transform it into a bracelet, a choker, a belt and it’s the same for the wavy earrings. With the earrings, you can make it shorter, longer, however you want to, depending on your face shape, and depending on the outfit you're wearing. 

And then the third collection, which is very personal to me, is the Self-Love collection. This collection pretty much a reminder of self-love. We often forget to take care of ourselves. You know, I truly believe that you really must understand to love yourself before loving others. After becoming a mother, I sometimes I feel that I often forget to take care of myself, it can be hard to find the time to take a moment of time out for yourself.

Can you tell us why you call your jewellery wearable art ?

 Yes, Obviously I love very dramatic looking pieces, but I also want my customer to be able to wear my pieces on an everyday basis. I want my jewellery to be more than just a piece that sits in the closet, only to be worn once or twice a year. Wearable art should be something where we can appreciate the craftsmanship, the artistry of it, as well as wear in either special occasions or everyday wear. With the patterns that I have developed through crocheting, I haven’t been able to find any other designer that has been able to replicate my technique. So as of now, only I can make this piece.

Tell us about your thoughts on being a mother today and International Women’s Day

Growing up I was surrounded by a lot of strong, independent, entrepreneurial women. Being a mother now, I feel like want to set examples for my daughter.

And hopefully once she grows up and looks at me, she will say, my mother is my hero. That’s what I want to be for her.

Visit Carolina at 24 St Christopher’s Place  London W1U 1NS


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