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Shiro opens at St Christopher's Place

Authentic Japanese skincare brand, shiro joins our buzzing quarter of international shopping with the mission to enhance its customers’ natural beauty using simple natural methods.

The St Christopher's Place boutique is one of three UK stores, making us the first destinations to shop shiro outside of Japan. And to further add to the excitement this is the first time shiro has launched its make up collection with everything from lip gloss to nail polish!

Visit the new shiro boutique to discover its gorgeous range of skin, hair, fabric-care and fragrance products made from high-quality natural ingredients expertly sourced from Japan. Key ingredients used in shiro products include Sake Kasu, a natural by-product of the Sake production process, rich in the nutrients of the rice grain; and Gagome Kombu, which harnesses the natural, moisturising properties of kelp. Other ingredients used across the range include rhubarb, rugrosa rose (balancing) ice plant, butterbur (sensitivity), olive (moisturising), adzuki (pore cleansing) and shea butter (dryness).

shiro want to share its Japanese heritage and the power of Japanese ingredients with the world, while staying
true to their eight guiding principles:
1. We make products that we ourselves want to use every day.
2. We get to know our natural ingredients.
3. We bring out the best of those ingredients.
4. We meet the producers.
5. We learn and share their ideas.
6. We share our Japanese products with the whole world.
7. We make our products in Japan.
8. We make the world a happier place.

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