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Whatshisname’s New Collection

Castle Fine Art are thrilled to unveil four captivating additions to Whathisname’s Gone collection. Building upon the haunting beauty of his previous works, these new pieces delve deeper into the nostalgic realm of childhood heroes, inviting viewers on a poignant journey of reminiscence and introspection.

The silhouetted superhero characters extend their hands from the canvas – are they saying “goodbye” or are they reminding us “we are still here, don’t forget about us”? The interpretation is left to you, inviting a personal reflection on the enduring presence of these iconic figures in our lives.

The Gone collection delves into the essence of nostalgia and the bittersweet process of letting go of our cherished childhood memories. In this latest instalment, we witness the enduring presence of iconic superheroes in four mesmerising artworks. From the agile grace of Spider-man in 'Gone, Peter' to the technological brilliance of Iron Man in 'Gone, Tony', each piece captures the essence of these beloved characters in a striking silhouette.

Batman's brooding intensity takes centre stage in 'Gone, Bruce', while Superman's emblematic pose radiates hope and strength in 'Gone, Clark'. Through a profound understanding of each hero's significance, Whatshisname breathes new life into these
timeless icons, inviting viewers to embark on a nostalgic journey through the realms of fantasy and imagination.

Available exclusively from Castle Fine Art - prices start from £695.

Featured Art: 'Gone, Peter', a Hand-signed Flatbed Giclée Limited edition on Innova 315gsm Cold Pressed Paper by Whatshisname. Available in Medium and Large.

Visit the gallery to discover the latest collection from Whatshisname, as well as other artworks from some of the biggest names in art - including Bob Dylan, Johnny Depp and Billy Connolly.

25 - 26 St Christopher's Place, London. W1U 1NT

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