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Discover single garden tea with authentic tea brand, JING, who have opened their first store in St Christopher’s Place alongside a series of immersive “tea flight” experiences.

JING Tea opened the doors to their first retail space on Monday 18th November, in the charming, boutique-lined streets of St Christopher's Place.

The new store comes as they celebrate 15 years of industry success as the brand of choice among international taste makers worldwide, including chefs with over 100 Michelin stars between them - from Per Se in New York, to Arzak in San Sebastian and Amber in Hong Kong - and hotels such as, The Berkeley, Mandarin Oriental and Four Seasons. Now it's time to bring their definitive tea experiences and high quality products direct to customers.

A programme of ‘Tea Flights’ - immersive tasting sessions led by trained JING experts – will be hosted in the St Christopher's Place store, taking customers on a journey to discover the people, places and artisan processes that make JING teas exceptional. Each lasting 45-minutes, you’ll get the chance to try unknown teas and discover a new level of appreciation for their purity and varying depths of flavour, driven by the high quality sourcing and production.

The store will be double-fronted to expertly showcase JING’s carefully selected single garden teas and aesthetic teaware. A contemporary shopping environment that encourages visitors to explore and learn more about the popular beverage that many of us consume on a daily basis. Highly trained retail staff will also be on hand to help customers select their favourite varieties so that they can easily make the perfect cup of tea wherever they are, from their homes to offices.

Founder, Ed Eisler, who set up JING in 2004 after spending many years exploring Asia’s tea gardens, said:

“The opening of our first shop and tasting bar is a huge milestone for JING. It's the natural next step in our mission to revolutionise tea culture by inspiring people to choose teas which express the unique character of their origin and tea maker.”


Tickets for the 'Tea Flights' are still available online at, with prices from £25 for an introduction to the classic tea types, through to £100 for rare and seasonal teas that are not usually available outside their origin countries. You can choose between five different menus containing three teas each for sampling. Plus, each guest will receive a £10 voucher to spend on all teas and tea ware for the day of the ‘flight’.

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